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Gyomu Itaku Contracts are Illegal

Japanese Ministry of Education's advisement to Prefectural Boards of Education on illegal service contracts for Assistant Language Teachers (ALT)

Here it is below. In February 2005, through union pressure from the National Union of General Workers Tokyo South and the General Union, the Ministry of Education came out to say that private companies using gyomu itaku contracts are violating School Education Law. This would be section 23 where it is stated that the principal must be in charge of the ALT. However, the Ministry says that under gyomu itaku contracts, the company is actually in charge.

This advisement was sent to all prefectural boards of edcuation by the Ministry of Education where they advise that JET Programme jobs, direct board of education jobs, and legal dispatch jobs be favoured over gyomu itaku jobs with private dispatch companies. They also note, though, that legal dispatch jobs are only valid for 3 years whereupon the job must then be made a permanent position as per Dispatch Law.